Actually, the simplest thing is a mother’s love. The greatest thing is a mother’s love. When we turn our heads and look back, she’s always there by our sides. Hope that everyone will look at a mother’s love from a new perspective, further understand a mother’s love, further cherish your mothers. It does not matter what the time, place, or situation is, she will always be the person who loves you the most. Thank you Huang Xiao Hu senior for her song “Hard to Put It Down” that provides an explanation and interpretation of a mother’s love

-Zhang Yixing


Yes, this is the mini-project I was talking about while working with WiXing (EXO Lay’s first official Philippine-based Fanclub)

and yes, I made mommy Zhang slimmer because heck I can’t draw chubby-dorable Mommy Zhang

I’m not sure when I can start answering asks again since I still have another workload for WiXing, nevertheless, hope you enjoyed this simple comic dedicated for Mother’s Day!